CFL Playoff Droughts

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Calgary Stampeders
Saskatchewan Roughriders

CFL questions:

What does the CFL stand for?
CFL stands for Canadian Football League.

Which cities have CFL teams?

The cities for the CFL are Toronto (Argonauts), Calgary (Stampeders), Saskatchewan (Roughriders), Winnipeg (Blue Bombers), Edmonton (Elks), Ottowa (Redblacks), Hamilton (Tiger-Cats), Montréal (Alouettes).

Does the CFL have a draft?

The CFL takes place in May ever year, the 2022 edition took place on May 3, 2022.

What is the Canadian Super Bowl called?
The championship game in the CFL is called the Grey Cup.

Are there only 3 downs in the CFL?
In American football there are four downs per series, but there are 3 downs in Canadian football.

Is the CFL ball bigger than NFL?
Historically the CFL ball was slightly bigger than the NFL’s, but in 2018 the CFL updated its ball size specifications to be the same as the NFL’s.

Why is it called a rouge in CFL?
In Canadian Football it is possible in some circumstances to score a single point, or ‘rouge’. It is unknown why it’s called a rouge, which is French for red, one theory suggests that in the early days of the CFL the signal that it was scored was a red flag.

Does CFL have American teams?
Between 1993 and 1995 there was a U.S expansion in the CFL with seven U.S teams. The teams were the Baltimore Stallions, Memphis Mad-Dogs, Las Vegas Posse, Sacramento Gold Miners, San Antonio Texans, Shreveport Pirates, and Birmingham Barracudas.

Did an American team win the Grey Cup?
The Baltimore Stallions were the only U.S CFL franchise to win the Grey Cup, on November 14, 1995.

Is CFL older than NFL?
The CFL was officially founded in 1958, 38 years after the NFL was founded in 1920. However Canadian football has been played as far back as the 1900s.

What is American football called in Canada?
American football is played as a rule-variation Canadian football in Canada.

How many non-Canadians can play on a CFL team?
Of the 46 players named to a CFL roster, only 20 can be American, and four have to be identified as ‘designated’ Americans.

Has a CFL team ever played an NFL team?

CFL and NFL teams have played each other 10 times throughout history, exclusively as preseason games. The last time an NFL-CFL game was played was in 1961, when the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL played the Buffalo Bills of the then-named AFL. No NFL team has played a CFL team since, and it is unlikely to be arranged again.