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When was every NFL team’s last playoff win?

cincinnati bengals playoff win

Some teams haven’t won a playoff game in a long time. We’ve discussed the longest droughts, but when exactly was every team’s last playoff win?

Seven teams won playoff games in the 2021 season, including the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams, the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals and the divisional champs Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

Check out every team’s last playoff win below:

Every NFL Franchise’s Last Playoff Win by Season

Detroit Lions1991 NFC divisional30
Miami Dolphins 2000 AFC wild card21
Las Vegas Raiders 2002 AFC championship19
Washington Commanders2005 NFC wild card16
New York Jets2010 AFC divisional11
Chicago Bears2010 NFC divisional11
New York GiantsSuper Bowl XLVI (2011)10
Arizona Cardinals2015 NFC divisional6
Carolina Panthers2015 NFC championship6
Denver BroncosSuper Bowl 50 (2015)6
Pittsburgh Steelers2016 AFC divisional5
Atlanta Falcons2017 NFC wild card4
Jacksonville Jaguars2017 AFC divisional4
Indianapolis Colts2018 AFC wild card3
Los Angeles Chargers2018 AFC wild card3
Dallas Cowboys2018 NFC wild card3
Philadelphia Eagles2018 NFC wild card3
New England PatriotsSuper Bowl LIII3
Houston Texans2019 AFC wild card2
Minnesota Vikings2019 NFC wild card2
Seattle Seahawks2019 NFC wild card2
Tennessee Titans2019 AFC divisional2
Baltimore Ravens2020 AFC wild card1
Cleveland Browns2020 AFC wild card1
New Orleans Saints2020 NFC wild card1
Green Bay Packers2020 NFC divisional1
Buffalo Bills2021 AFC wild card0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2021 NFC wild card0
Kansas City Chiefs2021 AFC divisional0
San Francisco 49ers2021 NFC divisional0
Cincinnati Bengals2021 AFC championship0
Los Angeles RamsSuper Bowl LVI (2021)0

More playoff questions:

Who has the longest all-time NFL Playoffs drought?

The New Orleans Saints didn’t make the playoffs for 20 consecutive seasons between the 1967 and 1987 seasons, the longest all-time playoffs drought.

What is the longest active NFL Playoff drought?

The New York Jets haven’t made the playoffs in over a decade, last playing in the post-season after the 2011 season, the longest active NFL playoff drought.

What’s the longest an NFL team has gone without winning a playoff game?

The Detroit Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1992, which is over 30 years, the longest active playoff win drought in the NFL. View all playoff win droughts here.

What’s the longest an NFL team has gone without winning a playoff game all-time?

The Arizona Cardinals had the longest ever playoff win game drought with 38 years, between 1960 and 1998.