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Who has the longest active playoff drought in the NFL?

The goal for every team each season is to make the playoffs, just ask Jim Mora. But which NFL teams have gone the longest without making the post-season.

Looking at the stats there is currently one team, the New York Jets, who have failed to make the playoffs for a decade, with the Denver Broncos not making the post-season since their Super Bowl win and the retirement of Peyton Manning.

Check out the longest playoff droughts in the NFL below:

Longest NFL Playoff Droughts

New York Jets112011
Denver Broncos62016
New York Giants52017
Detroit Lions52017
Miami Dolphins52017
Atlanta Falcons42018
Carolina Panthers42018
Jacksonville Jaguars42018
Los Angeles Chargers32019
Minnesota Vikings22020
Houston Texans22020
Washington Commanders12021
Cleveland Browns12021
Baltimore Ravens12021
New Orleans Saints12021
Chicago Bears12021
Seattle Seahawks12021
Indianapolis Colts12021

More playoff drought questions:

What is the longest active NFL Playoff drought?

The New York Jets haven’t made the playoffs in over a decade, last playing in the post-season after the 2011 season.

Who has the longest all-time NFL Playoffs drought?

The New Orleans Saints didn’t make the playoffs for twenty consecutive seasons between the 1967 and 1987 seasons, the longest all-time NFL playoff drought.

What’s the longest an NFL team has gone without winning a playoff game?

The Detroit Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1992, which is over 30 years, the longest active playoff win drought in the NFL. View all playoff win droughts here.