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Who has the longest all-time playoff drought in the NFL?

Some teams have had really hard runs without making the playoffs in NFL history. The New Orleans Saints failed to make the playoffs for 20 years between 1967 and 1987. This era, known to fans as the ‘Aints, haunted the fan base until Drew Brees exorcised that demon in 2009.

Some teams appear multiple times on the all-time list, the Detroit Lions have had separate streaks of 11, 11 and 10 years, whilst the Cleveland Browns only broke their 17-year hiatus from the playoffs in 2020. The New York Jets are the only active streak on the top all-time list.

Check out the longest all-time playoff droughts in the NFL below:

Longest All-Time NFL Playoff Droughts

New Orleans Saints2019671987
Cleveland Browns1720032020
Buffalo Bills1720002017
Philadelphia Eagles1719611978
New York Giants1719641981
Arizona Cardinals1519831998
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1419831997
St Louis Cardinals1419601974
Cincinnati Bengals1419912005
Kansas City Chiefs1419721986
Chicago Bears1319641977
San Diego Chargers1319661979
Oakland Raiders1320032016
Pittsburgh Steelers1219601972
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1220082020
Atlanta Falcons1219661978
Los Angeles Rams1220052017
Detroit Lions1119711982
Detroit Lions1120002011
New York Jets1119701981
Denver Broncos1119661977
Washington Commanders1119601971
New York Jets112011
Green Bay Packers1019831993
Detroit Lions1019601970

More playoff questions:

Who has the longest all-time NFL Playoffs drought?

The New Orleans Saints didn’t make the playoffs for 20 consecutive seasons between the 1967 and 1987 seasons.

What is the longest active NFL Playoff drought?

The New York Jets haven’t made the playoffs in over a decade, last playing in the post-season after the 2011 season, the longest active NFL playoff drought.

What’s the longest an NFL team has gone without winning a playoff game?

The Detroit Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1992, which is over 30 years, the longest active playoff win drought in the NFL. View all playoff win droughts here.