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Pittsburgh Maulers

The Pittsburgh Maulers are a professional American football team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Maulers compete in the new USFL for the 2022 season in the league’s North division. They play their home games, like all teams in the USFL, in Protective Stadium and Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Pittsburgh Maulers haven’t yet won a championship or reached the playoffs, as the first USFL season is currently ongoing.

Pittsburgh Maulers questions:

Where do the Pittsburgh Maulers play home games?
Like all USFL teams, the Pittsburgh Maulers will play their home games in Legion Field and Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama for the 2022 season.

Does Pittsburgh have a USFL team?

The Pittsburgh Maulers are Pittsburgh’s USFL team for the 2022 season.

Who owns the Pittsburgh Maulers?

The Pittsburgh Maulers are owned by National Spring Football League Enterprises Co, LLC, the president of which is Brian Woods. Fox Sports also own a minority stake in the league and each team.

Who plays for the Pittsburgh Maulers?

The main players on Offence for the Pittsburgh Maulers are Quarterback Josh Love, Running back Madre London, Wide Receivers Bailey Gaither, Austin Allen. On Defence, it’s Defensive linemen Carlo Kemp, and Defensive backs Terrell Bonds, Shakur Brown.

Who is the Pittsburgh Maulers Head Coach?

Kirby Wilson is the Pittsburgh Maulers Head Coach. After nearly 40 years as a running backs coach for professional and collegiate teams, Kirby Wilson retired and unretired when he was given the chance to take the top job for the Pittsburgh Maulers.

Who is the Pittsburgh Maulers General Manager?
Chris Watts is the General Manager of the Pittsburgh Maulers, he is the only person who is not both the GM and the Head Coach of a USFL team.

How many times have the Pittsburgh Maulers made the playoffs?

The 2022 USFL season is currently in progress.

How many times have the Pittsburgh Maulers won a championship?

The Pittsburgh Maulers have never won a championship.